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            Hunan PCB division
            Investment 840 million yuan
            Overall land area 200,000㎡
            Factory address Changchun Economic Development Zone, Yiyang City, Hunan Province

            Phase I

            Plant area 50,000㎡
            Production capacity 220,000㎡/month
            Total headcount 1800
            Key products 2-16 layers PCB applied to server,Storage unit, automotive, energy, smart terminal, consumer and etc.

            Phase II(High layers and HDI PCB)

            Plant area 58,000㎡
            Production capacity 180,000㎡/month
            Expected headcount 1500
            Key products 2-20 layers PCB for Communications networking, smart Devices, automotive products and etc.

            Phase III (Automotive – under construction)

            Plant area 35,000㎡
            Production capacity 80,000㎡/month
            Planned number of employees 800
            The main products advance technology and safety automotive products

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